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“Forget how much money this book could make you, the amount it could save you is significant.”
— Top Talent Magazine

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featuring Spencer Caldwell entitled "The Future of Foreclosures"

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Spencer Caldwell

An Author and a Entrepreneur

Spencer Caldwell, a 5th generation Arizona native, was born and raised in Snowflake, Arizona. There he developed his love for hard work while working on the family pig farm. . . .

At the age of 19 in 1999, Spencer Caldwell accepted a 2-year mission calling for his church, serving the people of Mississippi and Louisiana. During this journey, he learned that he loved working with people. After completing his mission, Spencer was on his way to a career in dentistry when the immediate opportunities and unlimited potential of real estate in his home state of Arizona came to his attention.

After observing the success of real estate mentors across the United States, Spencer started his real estate career in 2005 and never looked back. Within a year, Spencer purchased several investment homes and launched a profitable career buying and selling investment properties at auction. He’d found his passion.

In 2007, Spencer founded Gentry Real Estate Group headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. That’s when he started helping thousands of real estate investors fulfill their dreams of purchasing investment properties.

Spencer’s passion for real estate is at the heart of his success. Today, Gentry Real Estate Group continues to offer Trustee auction bidding services for it’s investors. Spencer and his wife Alisa reside in Mesa, Arizona, and have four children – Ethan, Ellee, Weston, and Wyatt. His real estate career allows Spencer the flexibility to spend time with his family – at least on some weekends!

“Real Estate is a game. Real Estate investing is a game of opinion - if it was a scientific opinion the game would be over”

— Spencer Caldwell


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My clients and I have been working for years with Spencer. He is so knowledgeable and approachable! This is a must read not only for people who want to buy at auctions, but for all people who want to succeed in buying and selling investment real estate. He gives strategies and investment considerations. Shows how to take title, raise money and so many other things that an investor must know. I will keep the book as a reference for the future!


Wow! I thought I knew so much about AZ foreclosures, but this book really helped me learn way more


I never met Spencer personally but I bought one property with his assistance. He is an honest man with integrity and I will unequivocally buy more with his assistance. This books is a perfect starter.


Liked this read a lot. If you’re new to wholesaling or AZ real estate in general, start here. It’s how the process should be- to the point and direct. The short stories in the back, should be bloopers, are comical and relatable if you’ve even purchased one auction property. It’s a different world and he paints the picture.


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